Old School Bones

Old School Bones

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“A quirky, very appealing series.”



Winter in a New England prep school brings term papers, wet snow, and the suicide of a young black student. Except Liberty Baker’s friends are convinced she couldn’t have taken her own life, and Liberty’s faculty advisor, Awasha Patterson, believes them. She is desperate to believe any theory that Liberty’s death was suspicious—Awasha turned the girl away the night of her death. If Liberty had been suicidal, Awasha had missed the signs.

But how to prove it? No one in the school wants to think that it could have been a racially-motivated crime; vague whispers of school-sanctioned secret societies are quickly stopped by the headmaster. Awasha can’t let it rest, her guilt is consuming. So she seeks out help from a man she knows understands guilt—a man so sensitive, so compassionate to others, that it ruined his career as a defense attorney with one fateful case. Awasha finds Michael DeCastro on his father’s fishing boat, and Michael knows from the moment he sees her that he’s about to be haunted by another injustice. And he knows he’ll give everything of himself until the spirits of the dead lie in peace.


“Peffer has laid impressive claim to his Provincetown setting, and he effectively goes against type with his too-sensitive sleuth. A quirky, very appealing series.”

“Peffer submerges into plot and character from page one. His writing is vivid yet economical, carrying the reader along a fast flowing plot that doesn’t let up until the end. In DeCastro, he has created a hero along the lines of John Baker’s very human and very passionate Stone Lewis. This is a hero with fire in his gut and the potential to carry a strong series.”
—Crimespree Magazine

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