Screams & Whispers

Screams & Whispers

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“Peffer makes his characters sing. This intense, gritty and grim story is not for the faint of heart. But such passion!”
—Library Journal



Young Cape Cod public defender and commercial fisherman Michael Decastro ventures to Saigon with his father, a Vietnam War vet, to come to the aid of his long-lost client and love-interest Tuki Aparecio.

The half-Vietnamese, half-African American diva is in a fight of her life with a mysterious dragon lady from Indochina’s underworld. At stake is an antique ruby in Tuki’s possession … and the mortal souls of everyone Decastro loves.
Ghosts that the Decastros and Tuki carry with them from Cape Cod and Southeast Asia will have their day.


“Peffer’s latest series entry is pure opera, a multiact tragedy enhanced with opium tea and nunchakus. Big-hearted fisherman and former attorney Michael DeCastro (Provincetown Follies, Bangkok Blues) knows he must rescue former client and big love Tuki Aparecio, who’s in serious trouble in Vietnam. Still in possession of the incredibly precious ruby known as the Heart of Warriors, Tuki has been caught by Wen-Ling, a villainous dragon lady who covets the gem and won’t be fooled again. Michael takes his dad with him; he’s a Vietnam War vet with his own backstory and, thankfully, a fluency in Vietnamese. Stripping his protagonists down to their most basic survival instincts, Peffer makes his characters sing. VERDICT This intense, gritty, and grim story is not for the faint of heart. But such passion! Recommended for fans of Timothy Hallinan’s Bangkok mysteries (The Queen of Patpong) and for those who want a thriller laced with history and a search for belief.”
Library Journal